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Architectural Engineering:-

Architectural engineering is the application of physical and scientific principles for solving the problems of society`s with regarding to Structures and Building on any specific kind of surface area to three dimentional space.

The key thing about this engineering is its focus not only the construction of the structure or Ideal Structure`s geometerical print but define design of entire structure with its operational systems as well.

With raised of trend designing building having specific criteria or theme such as Theater,Stadiums,Fountains as well as monumental park and other tourist attractions. just defining structure and construct them was not enough. so this interdeciplinary field emerge which contains some of subjects from Civil Engingeering,Mechanical Engingeering with some of arts like Architechture and Sound/Audio Desinging (If Needed).

So its like what name suggest its a Desinging Architechture by Engingeering way.

Here are some notable Architectural engineers

  • Santiago Calatrava
  • Fazlur Rahman Khan
  • Fritz Leonhardt
  • William F. Baker
  • Richard Rogers
  • Ricardo Bofill