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University/College:  S.T.B.S College Of Engineering
Faculty:  Computer
Professional Designation:  Lead Software Engineer
Personal Quote:  I Am Me One Of The Best
Hobbies:  ,Music,Sports,Adventure,Literature
Birth Date:  1991-04-03
City:  Surat
State:  Gujarat
Country:  India
Project Title:  CasePoint
Project Duration:  6 Months
My Role:  Trainer and Tester
Project Description:  An online e-discovery platform. Guide developers/professionals of metatree systems how to build an system like this with core and plug-able module architecture.
Technologies Used:  Keno UI and
Project Title:  Dhruvrni CRM
Project Duration:  8 Months
My Role:  Lead Software Engineer
Project Description:  A Mobile Based CRM for Retail Store Owners. and Product Selling Officers
Technologies Used:  Android SDK, Web API with C#
Project Title:  EngineersHeaven
Project Duration:  2 Years
My Role:  From Idea to Launch to Maintain
Project Description:  First Ever Online Network That Connect Engineers
Technologies Used:  PHP, Mysql,HTML,XML,Javascript
Project Title:  English language pronunciation
Project Duration:  5 Months
My Role:  software developer
Project Description:  An android app that used for non English speaking users for improving pronunciation of English words and statements.
Technologies Used:  Android sdk,Ibm Watson,Java
Project Title:  English Pronunciation Tutor
Project Duration:  6 Months
My Role:  Application Developer
Project Description:  An android app that use to help students to improve pronunciation.
Technologies Used:  Android SDK, Java
Project Title:  IIHT Adajan Exam
Project Duration:  3 Months
My Role:  Wbsite Developer
Project Description:  An Online Examination Site
Technologies Used:  PHP,MySQL
Project Title:  LocanixPro
Project Duration:  4 Months
My Role:  Developer
Project Description:  An Android App that has been created for Locanix Private Limited`s User for Managing Vehicle Fleet with live Vehicle GPS Tracking.
Technologies Used:  Android SDK,Java, REST API,MySQL
Project Title:  Omnia ERP
Project Duration:  5 Months
My Role:  Lead Software Engineer
Project Description:  A Project that solves all Inventory,Field Activities,Operations,Billing-Invoices, Sales and Accounting Problem for Organization called Locanix Pvt. Ltd
Technologies Used:  ASP.NET MVC,MySql,C#
Project Title:  Vantagepoint
Project Duration:  10 Months
My Role:  Senior Software Engineer
Project Description:  Its an ERP software that covers almost all of the functions and operation specific to Civil and Structure Engineering Project/Enterprice
Technologies Used:  Javascript and .Net
Project Title:  Vehical Trip and Usage Analyzer
Project Duration:  3 Months
My Role:  Application Developer
Project Description:  A Dashboard and reports analyzer for Internet Of Thing based Geographical Information System `s Database.
Technologies Used: with DevXpress tools.
Employee At:  Azilen Technologies
Post/Designation:  Tech-Lead
From Year:  2021
To Year:  Present
Employee At:  Enable Healthcare Industries
Post/Designation:  Senior Software Engineer
From Year:  2020
To Year:  2020
Employee At:  IndiaNIC Infotech LTD
Post/Designation:  Senior Software Engineer
From Year:  2020
To Year:  2021
Employee At:  Dhruveni Microsolutions
Post/Designation:  Lead Software Engineer
From Year:  2019
To Year:  2019
Employee At:  Locanix India Pvt Ltd.
Post/Designation:  Lead Software Engineer
From Year:  2017
To Year:  2018
Employee At:  Troot Technologies LLP
Post/Designation:  Team Leader
From Year:  2015
To Year:  2017
Employee At:  Metatree System Pvt Ltd
Post/Designation:  Software Engineering Trainer
From Year:  2014
To Year:  2015
Employee At:  Itsource Edpro Solution
Post/Designation:  Head Of Software Faculties
From Year:  2013
To Year:  2014
Employee At:  IIHT
Post/Designation:  Software Faculty
From Year:  2012
To Year:  2013
Employee At:  IANT
Post/Designation:  Software Faculty
From Year:  2010
To Year:  2012
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