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Title:Importance Of Engineering Aspect

Subject: Engineering Aspect

Posted By : NisargDesai Posted On: 2015-08-06 05:45:45

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Story Of Some Unknown Author. That Give A Tremendous Example Of Engineering Aspect.


Hello Readers,


i am writing this because i am feeling now so much passion to wrinting this story that did make huge impact on my mind this is the story that is also responsible for open my eye about what is engineering exactly and which kind of aspect every engineers should have. write me any feedback that comes to your mind. after reading this.

This is the story about one man who wants to startup his own timber business and looking for some person that do cut some lumber in the forest. and he had two candidate one is Labor with Musculer Physics and another is recently passed out diploma Cutting and Fabrication Engineer with not that much Physical Strength. After taking an interview of both of them. He become confuse that which side he should go for.

because Labor was asking just for 5000 rupees per month and that Engineer was asking for 10,000 rupees per month he did not able to take dicision rationally so he dicided to hire both of them just for experiment and find conclusion that which side he should go for. and he assign task to both of them to cut the lumber with axe.


1st day labor did cut 7 logs and Engineer did 3 only

2nd day labor did cut 7 logs again and Engineer did 3 only

3rd day labor did cut 6 logs again and Engineer did 4 only

4th day as same as 3rd day


after 14 days passed

15th day labor did cut 3 and Engineer did 7


After getting this shocking reverse observation that businessman did call both of them and ask what happening with them.

Then labour did replied he is doing 3 times more hard work then before but still he can't able to score because his time is not running well, or god is not with his or may be his luck is not with his.

Then he did ask same question to Engineer then he reply that in starting days he become tired early so he was not able to score higher. but then he got practiced so he able to improve his score.

But still confusion of that business man did not cleared so he did switch their axes with each other.

and then both score was near to equal Engineers score was one down then Labor and he said that axe blade was not sharp enough to cut the lumber so he did take long time to make it sharpen by rubbung it between stone. and than that Business man ask same question to the Labor and he replied that he did not instructed to do so.

Then that business man was clreaed that if he want more profit with aspect of long time then he should hire Engineers then Labor.

After then engineer did suggest to use Chainsaw with electric motor instead of Axe so he can do better.

So this should be an Aspect of Engineering to upgrade the present situation with more fecilities with applying scientific knowledge in progresive direction (ofcours with limitation that it should not harm an enviorment i am aware of forest devastation due to timber business and Minamata polution and etc...).

I am writing this because nower days in india Engineering is just to go college and study subject and passing examinations and score in that for earning degrees instead of Gaining knowledge and apply it for do or create something that matters.

This Story did help me to earning Engineering Aspect I hope it help you to all as well.

Thanks For Reading it Till end.

please share your reviews

Comment From: nisarg_nkjvdSent On:2019-08-28 13:59:17


Classic analogy to define how engineering is all about applying reasoning that towards the solutions and if you know the cause and phenomena than there is only need to apply effort to solve it. and any effort without reasoning is not worthy.

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