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Title:Classification In Computer Engineering

Subject: Engineering

Posted By : NisargDesai Posted On: 2017-09-23 08:19:08

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I am inspired to write this article by experiencing corporate classification in computer engineering.that becomes weird in Indian corporate world contemporary days.


When i did passed out I did perceive that engineer should have knowledge of his perticular faculties all the fundamentals so he/she/other can solve the problems and make it new level of upgadation. but still to make it simple and abstract three fields has been classified as Software,Device/Hardware and Networking. 

and all this happen because skills and career option could be simplified as software need more logic and calculation and understanding regarding skill. in hardware/device he/she/other needs to be more accurate with circuits, assembling of ICs and soldering otherwise there will be huge cost in repairing or deassembling or might be dissoldering will happen. and in network all needs to know about operations and operations regarding protocols and protocols regarding configuration and configuration regarding tools.

On this level everythins looks fine because all of this three fields required of relevent but still not highly dependent knowledge on each other. as software is mostly about programming, hardware/device is mostly about circuits making and netwoking is all about troubleshooting and configurations.

but what hacks me that how classifications in each of that fields happen that sounds completly redicoulus are most of computer engineers are become marketer of specific company or organization or become lazy professionals that does not have any more passion to learn or spin off to new or other revelant technologies. or Narrow minded people that just want to stick with known things and mindset. as In software field now there are no more software engineers or software developers there are .net developes or Java developer or PHP developers. 

If you have worked on java and you go for .net than in most of firms you will be told that we don't work on Java and we want expert on .net. call you if there any requirement for java. I know nower days most of firms in india are just a code shop. not driven by true solution oriented or product/service oriented company service ,problem and product lies outside of india and only code is written on their firm more you write code more you get paid. and if any specific code is already stucked by leaving of developer than new developer is needed to continue write that code. and ASAP start to continue. so money flow not get stopped. and that is why more than 86% code is getting written in india but still stay alot behind in actual engineering.

I think in software industires there is need to understand actual engineering aspect instead of just selling code. and if there will be an approch to give solution to perticular audience to provide service/product than there will be the need of specific alter techniques and need of understanding to be explored as Medium to small level softwares did not need to get distributed on multi-layer architechture so that can be easyly deployed on apache using php or ruby and development+learning both will be faster than creation and deployement on JAVA/C#.

And there are lots of api are there to define easier way to complete the project smooth and rapidly. and for content management there is no need to build any project from the scratch. just need to configure the CMS as per requirement.

And this same thing is happenning in networking side as well windows server administrator and Redheat server administrator.

And nower days things are getting more worse spring developer and devXpress developer or mvc developer.

hope that computer engineering still be  art of solving mathemetical,logical,Automation,Communication,connectivity and storage and management problems. instead of just making configuration or writting code for some money.

Thanks for Read till the end. share your comments.

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