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Title:When to decide a software application is ready to Deploy and Release for Production.

Subject: Software Development Lifecycle.

Posted By : NisargDesai Posted On: 2019-08-09 16:07:18

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Own Experience For Leading Software Engineering Team To Build an Software Application.


Beinng since 9 Years in Computer Engineering Field. I always face tight deadline for Complete functionality and release app so client get their aspected feature as early and save their cost and other benefits. but always one question raised is this application ready to get published or distribution.

as a answer of this questions i did make some notes, That i thought i should write over here may be it might help someone.

1. Check all the functionality :-  this is the the most important part of application. as if the all the desired functions of application is not completed than app is not ready to be ditribute. as it will going to create very bad reputaion on client. and all the efforts and hardwork going to get ruined.

2. Check all the success and failure message.:- this is second thing if funtions are working properly but client is not aware then its neccesary.that he is aware of that becuse it will not give client enough confidance that this app is realiable and all the task i want to do with it. it will be good and secure.Most of time when asychronouse request to server most of coders not handle 404,500 errors and client is not aware about that. its bad practise.

3. Make all the error prone code into Exectption Handling statements like Try Catche and Throws and Log them into any Centralize File or database or directory.:- Software programming is very damn job that alot of functions are interacting lots of other functions and subroutin so error or issue could be raised on any time so if exception raised during usage than to reproduce or to get information about that is not become harder. otherwise any issue raised than its become very difficult to solve as difficult as to catch fly with chop stick.

4. Check the content and Spelling Mistake:  If functions are working properly and Exception are handled to than still content`s understandability is important. without that user will not convenecied to use our app and may be oppose as he will have some negative impressions.

and one thing that i want to add that if all of the above things are checked than its ready for beta launch no need to waste time for reediting UI. as application that is fulll of dynamic content will face margin,padding and other display and layout regarding problems. as initial level no one could predict what kind of and which kind of content will be inputed by users.

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