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Title:Lacking of Awareness and Familiarization about Engineering in Society.

Subject: Engineering In Genral

Posted By : NisargDesai Posted On: 2019-08-14 16:13:12

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This article is my own impression as an engineer over the time with my life. I did notice at least in India. that Engineering is not widely known concept. as most of people don't have any idea about what exactly engineering is and second why its approach is one of the most important thing in solving almost any problem.


Well if we see than we would find that there could be huge numbers of factors could be considerable as reasons for this situation of engineering. but i think the most important is that Journalist did exclude this entire field from their regular level of reporting. there is hardly any organization that doing this kind of work. if there any than its just working as special interest work. but main stream media did exclude this field entirely.

whenever you open the Television or any broadcasting mediam like news paper or even websites you will see updates of Movies,Actors and Actress or probably any Singer, Cricketors or Politicians but not any scientist or engineer. even though progress and important part of social development is highly based on them. you might seem any new product launching advertizement or you might seen update from ISRO and NASA for acheving/failing space research but that just a brif report not exactly how this was achieved or how much effort has been applyied by engineers.

whenever I read newspaper or watch news channel its seems like only Politicians,Cricketors and Actors are running the Nation. now ofcaurse politicians are the one who has authorities but they could just define the problem and specified what is need to be done. but they don't the knowledge and skill to make it happened so they just lauch the project and/or make its hype and assign the tendors to the organization but they don't exactly solve them. and any problem will only sovled after team of engineers will dedicatedly work on them and solve it.

History was made by them who gives a damn and dedicatedly work. some peoples are just a face of change.

but don't know why till now even wonders has been made and huge milestones has been achieved but engineers and engineering is not the part of mainstream media. who are the team of people behind solved problems. are unknown and being so important yet unrecognized. if goverment project becomes success then Ministors get whole credits. not project cordinator,project manager,Lead Engineer or Team of Whole Engineering project.

I think this is a huge lack in Mainstream Media and its Journalism. Having this thought i did found this confedration Yojnakar Innovation and create this project Engineers Heaven for promoting engineering. if some day It will be feasible than i will surly made one mediam that will fill this lack and all the engineers who did solve huge and complex problem will got their recognition.

But still i am sharing this prospect might be some reader will get inspire and apply his own effort to reduce this lack.

Comment From: nisarg_nkjvdSent On:2019-08-28 14:02:01


Wooooh NisargDesai you just nailed it. good luck with this site and hopefully the vision that you are having in mind will become true someday.

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