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How to remember merchant circle diagram?


2018-04-12 10:14:41

Subject: Rolling Manufacturing Process

Faculty Of Engineering: Mechanical

What Exactly Asker Wants:

as a Part of Rolling menufactiong process six kind of different forces applied on manufracturable material.

I know how somewhat how the mechanism works but still i am not able to remembered all of the six forces equation derivatives.

how to remember them any suggestions?

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2020-07-28 17:21:48

well if you try to learn all of the equation at once than you will surely feel struggle.

breakdown this question in 6 different questions and remember each one seperately than try to mergethem in order.

that circle diagram is very complecated thing. if you look at first the diagram. 

break down that diagram too into 6 different diagram consider the relevant arc and axis only to the relavant force.

follow the link might be this will help you. it has explaination with animation.

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