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How to become good Mechanical Engineer as Driller and Fabricator?


2019-04-14 19:48:32

Subject: Drilling Cutting and Fabrication.

Faculty Of Engineering: Mechanical

What Exactly Asker Wants:

What machines,Arks and fastners i should be aware of ?

and what skills are needed for progessing?

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2019-05-22 18:58:36

Hello Nisarg,

Drilling is simple task to make hole on surface so you may fill ot with something or with whom you want to join some more layers or something. but yes surface are many kind so there are drilling machine very kind. so you must have knowledge and skills regarding to that kind of surface and the machine that going to use for drilling.

here with this link you may find theory

here with this link you may find machines

here with this link you may find tools or accesories that used for drilling.

and same apply fabrication as well its also one kind of cutting process. 

for theory

for machines

good luck

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