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What could be the startup enterprise options one mechanical engineer have?


2019-04-14 19:54:43

Subject: Business and Enterprise

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If some mechanical engineer want to start his enterprice as small scale level. what are the option that available. that could be start with in  around 10-20 lacs rs.

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2019-08-14 16:33:52

Hello Nisarg_nkjvd,

well the answer is depends on what exacttly you mean by small scale level.

but as far as you are a mechanical engineer. you have all the options as you have knowledge and skills with regarding to that perticular fields.

Mechanical Engineering is all about machine the numbers of machine you know to operate and repair that numbers of options you have for starting up your own bussiness and enterprise. and ofcaurse the level of success you acheived or not thats depends on how you manage it but yes you may start your own enterprise for sure.

as you know all machine do some job that either produce,finish,shape or repair any thing that is important part of industry or home or socity in genral so you have already define your market.

next you will required money with which you may buy the machine and workshop with whom you may do that job.

and finally you required small team of people. that know how to maintain this entire workshop`s resources.

and now you just need to find a stretagy of marketing and promoting your workshop with that you can earn profit.

so thats it you may start workshop with all the knowledge and skill you have and found your small enterprise good luck.

still if you need some example follow the link below.

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