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Why all subjects that are not directly related and relation to your actual Faculty of Engineering is very far that too need to study for all the engineers?


2019-08-30 15:45:31

Subject: Engineering Education System

Faculty Of Engineering: Electronic

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Hello all I am Tapsil and I am engineering student.

And as a student of Electronics and Communications I still study Engineering Drawing,Engineering Mechanics and some other subjects that relation with my actual engineering faculty is too far.

this doesn't make sense to me. why is this ?

and only Education System in India this is happening or this happens with all univercity`s all around?

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2020-07-28 16:57:39

Hello Tapsil,


I can understand your pain. as I too need to learn all the subject that doesn't belong to my interested engineering field that is Computer. and I too needed to study Engineering Drawing,Engineering Mechanics as well as Material Science and Engineering.

when i did ask the same question to one my Professor he told me that knowledge is the key thing in learning engineering. as an engineer need to understand the problem first. and how problem is associated with different kind of Scientific laws and then only an engineer could solve it. by manipulating that factors that are associated with problem.

Now being computer engineer that is not confirmed that what kind of problem will be provided to me as a part of proceeding a career. it could be Industrial Automation,It could be Application Programming it Could be a Computer Aided Designing, It could be graphic designing etc....

But to understand them i must know the factor that are associated with problems as for Industrial Automation if i am programming any embaded system i must know Mechanical Engineering basic,if Application programming than i must know Algorythems in sens of mathematical operations so Engineering mathamatics is needed. for Graphics related work such as programming the Computer Aided Desinging or even Game programming you will be needed to 2D and 3D visualization powers so you have understanding of Engineering graphics.

So engineering study organise as a generalize subjects such as Enviormental,Science,Mathamatics,Graphics etc.... first and by each next semester they got specialised subject as per their faculties.

I understand that most of things you are not goint to remember by the time so even you got chance to work on inter related project you still going to study it. but atleast it will give you some idea for which direction you need to start.

hope that make sense.

Eventually i do too hate this kind of education system as It give you generalize knowledge. I did learn Engineering Graphics but on paper weather i have been teach it how to make it through computers programming languages or with use of any graphic design tool.

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