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Reluctance motor work


2017-12-20 17:46:21

Subject: Characteristics of reluctance motor

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2019-04-19 18:38:11

There are multiple kind of Reluctant motor.

and all Reluctance Motor are just the single cage type induction motor. The stator of the motor has the main and auxiliary winding. The stator of the single phase reluctance and induction are same. The rotor of a reluctance motor is a squirrel cage with some rotor teeth removed in the certain places to provide the desired number of salient rotor poles.

The stator consists of a Single Winding called main winding. But single winding cannot produce moving magnatic field. So for production of rotating magnetic field, there must be at least two windings separated by the certain phase angle. Hence stator consists of an additional winding called auxiliary winding which consists of a capacitor in series with it. 

           Thus there exists a phase difference between the currents carried by the two windings and corresponding fluxes. Such two fluxes react to produce the rotating magnetic field. The technique is called split phase technique of production of the rotating magnetic field. The speed of this field is the synchronous speed which is decided by the number of poles for which stator winding is wound.

and this how through rotating magnatic field entire structure comes in motion and electric enegy convert into mechanical energy and motors works. for equation and other details please follow the link below.

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