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How to make Bluetooth charger for mobile for charging mobile wireless?

 Raviraj Patel

2017-12-30 17:44:14


Faculty Of Engineering: Electrical

What Exactly Asker Wants:

Theory for the wireless charging and procedure to convert or creat charger that can charge our existing mobile wirelessly with help of electricity.

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2018-01-18 05:31:01

Hello Raviraj,


As you might know that bluetooth is also one kind of Radio Frequency genrator. that do genrate radio wave on specific frequency (Analog Signal) that could be turn into to digital signal (a specific kind Voltage to Electricle Circuit) that will flow the specific empier current into circuit. which could be turn into electrical power supply. a following Image might help you for understanding.

Overview of Qi wireless charging system

Here Tx Controller is Transmitter and RX Controller is Receiver you could see at the end Inductor has been place that will fluctuate the power at the end.

to read more about wireless chaging techniques please follow the link.

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