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There is no actual official documentation where word `engineering` came from but most of people believe its came from the Latin word `Ingenium` that means `cleverness` and `Ingeinare` , means "To design or devise". Some also state that its came from word `Engine` means something that transform one form of energy to one or other form energy that make job/task easier.

So Generalised definition of engineering is quest of solving problems by using science,logic and mathematics as a tool. and so engineer is the one who do engineering as a part of fulfilling his duties.

To simplify this duties of an Engineer described as problems that are complex and massive and one person could not master all of them. four core categories or i should write faculties has been derived and those are Civil, Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical. and others has been derived from them as a result of some problems of each of them becomes more complex and demanded to solve by applying specialised knowledge and skill from multiple faculties of this core engineering fields.

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We believe that an Engineer is a very valuable person for society who has some ideas, some prospects, some confusions, some questions regarding this awesome world and passion to change human environment with full of luxury, facility and security. We created this site for those Engineers who have some innovative ideas, confusions, questions and their thoughts which they can share, discuss and broadcast.

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